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Perricone Guarnaccio, Tasca – Sicily – 2014

Perricone Guarnaccio, Tasca – Sicily

Why you should buy this wine:

  • Definitely qualifies as interesting, well made and great value
  • Beautiful, modern example of the ancient indigenous Sicilian grape Perricone also called “Guarnaccio”
  • Cultivated on the famous Regaleali estate since 1954.
  • 91 points by Wine Advocate if that helps
  • A wine that you simply must try

What can you expect…

a distinctive wine that offers bright cherry and raspberry aromas imbued with some spicy-earthy complexity. Medium to full bodied, blackish in colour with plenty of character and strength but with a smooth, supple finish. The terra-cotta bouquet and strong tannins evoke memories of an antique wine tradition but with modern production techniques.

Not for the faint of palate but very well made and surprisingly refined.

The Basics…

Vintage: 2014

Country: Italy

Region:  Sicily

Appellation: Sicilia

Grape: 100% Perricone

Alcohol :15% Closure: Cork

The Story Behind the Wine - click here

Who makes it…The large Regaleali estate in the central Sicilian hills has been in the hands of the noble Tasca family since 1830 and has been consistently run according to the best principles of the agricultural aristocracy with quality and innovation the driving factors.

Vineyard: The grapes are grown on deep, slightly calcareous clay soils on hills southeast of Palermo at an altitude of about 480 meters.

Winery: The wine was fermented for thirteen days in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. After malolactic fermentation, it was aged for twelve months in second and third use French oak barriques.

The Back Story: Perricone is a little-cultivated red wine grape variety grown in western Sicily. It is most commonly used in blends with the island’s dominant grape, Nero d’Avola where it offers up texture and a deep pigment. Perricone is permitted in a handful of Sicilian DOC titles, in practice, however, varietal Perricone wines are usually labeled under the island’s IGT title.

Despite bearing no relation, Perricone is often described as being quite similar to Barbera, with high acidity and characteristics of red berries, earth and herbs. However, Perricone has strong, noticeable tannins that can accentuate the bitterness many people find on the palate of these wines. It is tamed in this regard by Nero d’Avola, its traditional blending partner, but Perricone has the potential to make interesting, highly aromatic wines by itself.

Perricone grapes have a long history, and, like many obscure Italian varieties, was once planted widely across its associated region. Perricone wine was exported across Europe in the late 19th Century in the guise of Zucco Rosso, a highly sought-after wine of the time.

Unfortunately, the variety was hit hard by phylloxera and was replaced largely by Nero d’Avola, whose wines were considered superior. Now, Perricone occupies a small vineyard area in the north-western part of the island, where it performs best on elevated sites in the warm Mediterranean climate and is one of the last varieties to ripen on the island.

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